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A Turtle and Tortoise Collection

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Black string thong necklace with hand sculpted polymer clay tortoise pendant 


This little necklace was definately hand-made, as I can see the marks of fingerprints where the pieces were molded.  It has four hand-made polymer beads; two are solid purple, the other two are swirled in shades of pink and purple, black and green .  The tortoise's shell is also swirled colors, predominantly green, with a solid green head, neck, feet and tail.  It has a droopy green eyelid half-closed over a black and white eye.  It has a placid, goofy little grin on it's face.  The back of the turtle is not decorated and it is made so that it won't flip over when worn.  The tortoise has a metal attachment and is attached to the string by a metal loop. 
The string is stiff and knotted in such a way that the length can be easily adjusted to suit.  Very clever, hand designed necklace.  It may have been worn once or twice; it's in good condition. There is no maker's mark.  The piece is at least 30 years old.  
The tortoise is about 3/4 of an inch wide - the beaded area is aninch across.  The entire necklace weighs 0.2 oz.
5.00 or Best Offer

Gold Tone Tortoise charm or pendant 


This is a gold colored tortoise that belonged on a piece of costume jewelry.  It has hooks on both front feet where it was attached to some sort of chain.  The gold-plated coloration is intact on the surface of the piece, but is fading off in spots on the bottom of it.  
Still, it's cute.   It has a maker's mark - an "H" is stamped into the center of it's belly.  It obviously came off of something interesting, and it's definately over 30 years old.  
It's less than a half inch long and weighs 0.1 oz. 
​$3.00 or best offer.