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1965      American Heritage Magazine
     Churchill - The Life Triumphant
The Historical Record of Ninety Years

This book is a hard cover, compiled by American Heritage Magazine and published by United Press International, copyright 1965.  It is in good conditon other than the color change with age. 
This book is large; 11 x 8.5,  and has 144 pages, with black and whit and full colored photographs scattered throughout.  More pictures of the book can be found below. 
$10.00 or Best Offer


1964     Earl Schenck Miers
The Story of John F. Kennedy

Written by Earl Schenck Miers, Editorial Production by Donald D. Wolf, Design and Layout by Margot L. Wolf.  Edited with the supervision of Dr. Paul E. Blackwood, published by Wonder Books, New York.  
This book is a paperback, the cover has some dents and a small spot on the cover is missing under the letter Y in Kennedy. There is also a small spot along the edge in the same are on the back cover missing. The color of the cover and pages has changed with age.   There are black and white and full colored photographs scatterd throughout the book. The book has 48 pages. 
This book is large; 10.5 x 7.5 inches. There are more pictures below.
​$5.00 or best offer.